We have a range of small, quiet running, high performance pumps with capacities for drawing off up to 70 litres of water per hour from condensation in air conditioning and ventilation systems. Rigorously tested for total efficiency over a long life-span, these devices are in use all over the world, frequently operating in the most adverse climatic conditions

MicroPump II    MicroPump II   
Waterway SkyJet    Waterway 'SkyJet' High Performance Tank Pump   
Waterway MasterPump    Waterway 'MasterPump'
Dual Model Condensate
Removal System
Drain Pan Pump    Drain Pan Pump   
Pacific Electronic Condensate Removal System    'Pacific Electronic'
Condensate Removal System
Panther    Panther Condensate Pump   
Limpet    Limpet Condensate Pump   
Jaguar    Jaguar Condensate Pump   
Cougar    Cougar Condensate Pump   

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